• "I recently suffered a series of accidents which put me off the road entirely, with any strength I had fast disappearing. I trained with Dylan using the indoor facilities during my recovery and found that once I started riding on the road again I felt stronger and more confident than before. I surprised everyone in the group because I was faster too!"

  • "Dylan’s passion for sports can be felt by everyone around him. He is driven and pushes for the best out of himself and his athletes. He has a good understanding of what it takes to reach any goal with keeping the fire and motivated while doing it."

    M.T.fellow coach

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    Along with state and national medals in Cycling, Triathlon, IRONMAN, and Australian Archery, I have been a professional Personal Trainer for 12 years and an Internationally Accredited Cycling and Triathlon Coach for 8 years. This level of experience and training means I hold deep and broad knowledge of the human body and the way it responds during training and racing.


    When I was training, the moments when I felt lowest were when my coach seemed distant- busy with other athletes, or just handing me weekly programs that didn't seem to be tailored to my immediate needs. This is always in my mind as a coach and I will be there with you- whether we are working, celebrating or commiserating, we will be doing it together.


    Technology has become a vital part of any athlete's training regimen today and I can assist you to make the most of the tech available to you. However, there is a point where reliance on technology can hinder an athlete's progress. Every athlete needs to craft an intuitive sense of their body and its needs from moment to moment. I can teach you to listen to what your body needs before, during and after an event, to reach peak performance while minimising the chance of injury or over-training.

  • Injury Recovery

    Use the Indoor Training facilities at Vital Cycles to maintain and build strength while recuperating from an injury.
  • Group Riding Safety

    With a reputation for safety on our group rides, come along and see how we work to keep riders rolling and returning home safely.
  • Corporate Sessions

    To accompany your Injury Prevention and Management Program, consider training your employees who commute by bike with a Vital Cycles Safe Commuter session.

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